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Internet Marketing

Whether you have a product that you are already happy with or  you are looking for a recommendation, learning to market with the internet is crucial to your longer term viability.


Many people believe selling something on the internet means creating a web site and waiting for someone to find you – on Google, Yahoo or Bing. (Or putting it out for bids on eBay).

Both valid positions, but probably only 10% of the real power that the internet and all it’s tools has to offer.

Creating blogs, email campaigns, writing articles or press releases, creating You Tube videos, joining Facebook, LinkedIn, forums, Twitter etc. etc. make up the other 90%.

You need to have some place for people to find you and your product. Everything you do needs to give your prospect a means by which to find you. It does not require you to have any specialized knowledge, but it does require that you learn how to do it. If you can use a computer and know how to send email or do a Google search, you already have a basic skill set. What you need now are the directions.

That’s what we have to offer. Directions. Along with our personal training and support.

If you have your own product, or want a new product, and need to find a better way to find customers, you’ve come to the right place.


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