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November 23, 2010 / larryrutter

Taking A 46′ Albin From New York To Florida – Day 1

We started out of Mamaroneck, NY on November 3rd 2010. As the Albin 46 Tournament Express
is a relatively new yacht, built in 2009, and the purpose of the trip is to bring her down for the Miami Boat Show in February, the owner of Albin Yachts, Fred Peters, came down to wish us bon voyage.

It was a spectacular (if cold) morning. The sun was just coming up on the horizon and we had frost on the deck, but as we were all excited about having a new adventure in front of us, we couldn’t wait to get under way. Of course, Murphy came along to make sure his Laws were still working and we found that the forward bilge pump was operating just as we were about to let go of the lines. Not finding any reason for the bilge pump to be in operation (there was no water in the bilge) it left us to try to figure out the problem. We couldn’t, but we were able to reach the boat’s mechanic who came down within minutes and figured out that somehow a piece of wood had become lodged under the pump arm, not allowing it to shut off. Problem fixed, we were underway with just a minor delay in our schedule.

The water in Long Island Sound was mirror like and we quickly headed for New York City. The trip was on.

Our plan was to make it to Cape May at the northern end of the Delaware Bay by days end, and possibly stop at Atlantic City if we were more seriously delayed than by the bilge pump, but as we headed into the East River, Cape May looked very achievable.

Going down the East River at more than 25 knots, we began to head out toward the Verrazano Bridge, so it seemed like a good idea to add to the video of the trip. So not only was it freezing with a 25 – 30 knot wind in the face, it also turned out to be just a little more than choppy, making standing on the bow not such a great idea.

The day and the water remained calm and with great weather conditions, we managed to make it down to Cape May with no problem. A very uneventful day. I mention on some part of the video that I wondered if it was the calm before the storm. Must be like whistling for the wind. Day 2 turned out to be just a little different.



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