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November 23, 2010 / larryrutter

Taking A 46′ Albin From New York To Florida – Day 10

Well, this was it. Our last day. We were not expected until around 4:00 and had plenty of time, so
we didn’t plan on leaving until after 12:00.

So as we began to take stock on making sure the boat was cleaned up before the Miami Boat Show, there were some logistics to be addressed. The linens needed to go to the laundry, the boat was going to be locked up with no shore power, how do we keep the batteries charged, what about humidity aboard the boat. Interesting how you plan for everything for the trip, but don’t really think about what happens once the trip is over.

I knew there was a McD’s nearby so decided to go grab an unhealthy breakfast (sometimes those are the best), and while there, see if I can find a large duffel style bag for the linens (not at the McDonald’s in case you were wondering). I did find one, so that took care of one of our issues. Walking out of the Harbor Club, I took some video of an Albin 31 that was docked there. Great to see other Albins from time to time.

Back on the boat we decide to move the boat to top off the tanks, and then head south for the last few hours of what turned out to be a

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