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November 23, 2010 / larryrutter

Taking A 46′ Albin From New York To Florida – Day 2

So after a great dinner last night, we arose early to start the next leg of the trip. Our intent was to make it down to Norfolk, VA. We had heard that the seas might be 3 – 5 feet swells and winds 10 – 15 knots, which is not out of the realm of safety. We checked the Coast Guard Weather station and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Not wanting to lose a day this early in the trip, and just looking at a grey, wet day we headed out of the Cape May Inlet. It was cold and wet, so donning foul weather gear was called for.

I needed to dial into a company conference call, so I dialed in early and used the ear buds to listen in while releasing lines, pulling up fenders, and straightening the decks along with my crew mate to
get the Albin ready for the days journey. I took a few minutes to video the start of the trip.

Heading out the inlet, everything remained calm. I moved up to the bridge in case the Captain needed anything and continued to listen into the conference call, and then literally within minutes we started to pitch up and down, and looking forward, there were 10 – 15 foot seas coming right at us.

We pitched up on the crests and crashed down into the troughs. What the hell happened to 3 -5 foot seas? At this point, I get called upon on the call to let people know how we were doing. Took myself off mute and started to comment when we took a huge dive into a trough, refrigerator door comes open, and hanging on was able to let the guys on the line know we were getting hammered. Can’t imagine what they might have thought.

Now what? Try to turn around or stick it out and get into who knows what. Turning around didn’t seem like a smart thing to do in these conditions and looking out to sea it seemed like the seas (while not exactly being like yesterday) were calmer than where we were right now. We stuck it out.
The Albin rode solid and the twin Volvo Penta IPS 600’s powered us through with no damage and a story to be told.

So we made it out of the inlet and settled in for an uncomfortable day. The seas continued to be lumpy and while nothing like coming out of the inlet, it didn’t make for an easy ride. We stuck it out; considered going in at Chincoteague, but that was early in the day, and we decided to look for a good marina south of there. We considered going in at Watchapreague but the inlet and ride into the marina just did not look attractive. We decided we would make it all the way to Norfolk.

Sometimes, fate just works in your favor that way. In retrospect it wasn’t

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