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November 23, 2010 / larryrutter

Taking A 46′ Albin From New York To Florida – Day 6

One more time getting up early in the morning, and by now, the clocks had been set back an hour, and getting up at dawn meant rising at 5:30. We left around 6:30 and headed out of the inlet and into the Atlantic.

It was a beautiful day out in the ocean. Small swell, sun shining, just a great day. Around 10:30 the Captain realized that we had been up for 5 hours and instead of waiting until noon, it just seemed logical (to us) that after 5 hours, the least we could do was have a beer. So we cracked a couple of cold ones and sat back on the Stidd chairs to enjoy the ride.

Wasn’t much to see until we made it into Harbor Town. Really attractive area. The end of the video gives you a good look at the harbor at night.

We had put a large dent into the Gordon’s Gin, so I volunteered to take a walk down to the shopping area with some very boutique looking shops. It was close to a mile walk, but I needed the exercise. All the homes were well groomed, past tennis courts, palm trees and rows of bamboo. Really a nice area. Like Beaufort, I’d like to come back here too.

We ate at a restaurant in the Harbor Town Marina, and I don’t know if it was that we were all getting
a little tired as we had been going flat out for a week or what, but the meal didn’t go well for just about any of us, and was somewhat disappointing, especially considering the obvious quality of the area. Perhaps our expectations had been set too high by the Dead End Saloon.

Tomorrow, we head own for the last day with the Mother Ship to St. Augustine. It will feel just a little strange not having them around.


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