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November 23, 2010 / larryrutter

Taking A 46′ Albin From New York To Florida – Day 9

Wow. The trip is almost over. I guess I, and the Captain, were both a little tired by now, but realizing the trip was coming to an end was a little bittersweet.

We moved off at a reasonable hour, and headed south. From here we would be running into a number of bridges, some we could squeeze under, others we had to wait for the opening schedule. It really can be slow going. Some bridges are not much more than a mile or 2 apart and open within 15 minutes of each other, so a slow crawl is called for and you still get there too early and have to spend 5 or 10 minutes jockeying the boat around – especially if wind and current are giving you a hard time.

We did have one situation where we misread an opening time and were cruising merrily along,
and off in the distance we see the bridge rising. Crap!!! Throw the Albin into full throttle and call the bridge to see if he can give us an extra minute. That resulted in us getting chastised for barreling along in a no wake zone. And, no. He wasn’t going to wait for us, so we had to cool our heels for 1/2 hour.

Well, seeing all the amazing real estate and boats that were tied up, made us realize that we at least knew where all the money was. I can only imagine how much wealth is alongside the ICW. I wonder if anyone has ever done that study?

And then we arrived at West Palm Beach. The wealth we passed above, paled in comparison. Passing what I assume was the West Palm Marina, I don’t think there was a boat smaller than 85′, and there were probably over a hundred such boats, one after the other. If you

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