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About Me

Sometimes you are presented with opportunities when you least expect them.

That’s what’s happened to me. A while ago (April 2009), I found myself, like so many others, on the wrong end of a financial decision that resulted in a company-wide reduction of 30% of the staff.

My background has been in management of high-tech sales organizations, the past few years on the software side of the business, and, interestingly, focused on internet related sales and service. So, being left to figure things out on my own, like many in the same situation you tend to look for opportunities in the same market that you are familiar with.

After 3 months of intensive effort, for whatever strange reason that still escapes me today, I decided to look at job postings on Craigslist, with no real expectation of finding a high-tech management position. My expectations (or lack thereof) were met. I didn’t find a high-tech management position. What I did find was something that intrigued me. Becoming a yacht broker.

I have a long history with boats. Coming from England and living in the Canary Islands off the coast of West Africa, I began work as a cook aboard an 88′ Ketch called The Tyger. This led to me becoming a chef on a motor yacht, and eventually to a deck hand aboard the Forbes’ Magazine yacht The Highlander where I eventually became First Mate. This, in turn, led me to working in the Forbes headquarters on Fifth Avenue, in the computer department – which resulted in my journey into the high tech business for pretty much the rest of my career.

I had often thought about and talked about trying to match my selling career with my sailing interest and this was too good an opportunity to miss. So, I contacted the company president, and sure enough I became a yacht broker. In 2009. Which if you have any familiarity with the boating business was just about the worst year in the industries history. Good timing – not.

After 3 months of successfully obtaining listing agreements, there was almost no activity on the buying front. Now what? Well, I was introduced to Shop To Earth, a company offering your own internet shopping mall where you get cash back on everything you purchase and with a focus on green products. What a no brainer!!

Shortly after that, some of the more senior distributors at Shop To Earth introduced me to Syntek Global with a product called Xtreme Fuel Treatment that allows you to extend your mileage, both gas and diesel, reduce emissions and improve engine maintenance. A perfect product for my boating customers.

So, within a matter of months from scratching my head wondering “Now what?”, I had 3 businesses, 3 sources of income, and now I needed to figure out how to automate.

I began researching how people were attracting new distributors into their business, and found a few guys who were doing incredibly well – how? Through the internet. Talk about coming full circle. For some time now, I have been studying what they are doing and why it works so well. Knowing that most companies that sell through distributors are still preaching the “warm market” approach – namely selling to friend and family. If you read through some of my blogs on the subject you’ll see my opinions on that. It works, but poorly.

So here I am, multiple Gmail id’s, multiple Twitter accounts, Facebook Fan Pages, You Tube accounts, ezine accounts and now my web site that covers each of my business interests.

I have spent a great deal of time understanding how this works and I am just starting to put my plan into action. I have a long way to go and much still to learn. I might have an advantage having spend the past 10-15 years immersed in internet technologies, but I intend to share my knowledge with anyone that would like to join me. This internet business is fascinating, and very few people really understand how it all fits together.

Email me at if you would like to learn more. Perhaps it’s your turn to be presented with an opportunity when you least expect it.



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